Rotel RSP-1570 A/V Processor



Rotel RSP 1570

The most noticeable change from the 10 series to the new 15 series is the front panel. The front corners are now rounded, the red leds are now blue, bright blue and the unit is 15/8" taller than the 1069. The rear panel is identical, and we find no changes to the inputs and outputs. There are plenty of analog and digital inputs. Lacking from this unit is however, is any form of a second HD output (you cannot use both the component and HDMI at the same time), and no digital multi-zone capabilities. The multi-zones are stuck with analog audio and composite video, yet have ample 12volt and IR inputs and outputs. The unit is heavy and solid, with a strong chassis and secure posts and jacks.

Rotel RSP 1570

The remote is almost identical to the previous RSP-1069's and while not very modern-looking, it is a powerful and flexible remote in terms of programming. It can be programmed with codes, learn commands, do macros and more. Unfortunately, there are some direction issues; if the remote is not facing directly at the RSP-1570, it will not respond. This is unlike my Denon remote that will bounce the signal off the ceiling and the receiver will respond.