Power Conditioners

Furman IT-Reference 20i Power Conditioner



The Furman IT-Reference 20i does three things to clean up AC: The Power Factor Technology I mentioned above, filtering of high frequency noise and the creation of balanced AC. This is the only product in the Furman line that does the latter. I don’t know which of these items made such a difference in my systems. The kind of differences I heard make me think it is the Power Factor correction but that is the hardest one for me to understand. Doesn’t the AC cord still represent an impedance bottleneck even when the Furman is in place?

On the other hand, the differences I heard could also be explained by the other techniques employed in this box. Take the filtering for instance, my house happens to still have one, ancient, cloth insulated, AC line that happens to be the one my computer plugs into. The stereo system doesn’t use this line but of course the ground is common. Maybe this line is polluting the AC in my house worse than in most and the Furman is making the improvements I heard by cleaning it up. Maybe it takes all three techniques. There’s a certain logic to that.

At this point I don’t care, I just want it. I’ll buy this guy and when I can swing it I’ll look to get another for my home theater system. I’m sure not going to move one unit back and forth. I thought about having one unit to feed both systems. It would take some serious wiring work to make it happen but Furman’s Garth Powell discouraged me from this idea. There is the issue of long power cords but more important is the idea that more isolation between components is the goal, not less.

I think the main thing I should point out is that with the Furman Reference IT-Reference 20i in my stereo system, I wanted to listen to more music. Both CD’s and vinyl. With Vinyl, I couldn’t get enough. With CD’s, about three was my max before fatigue set in. Hey, a power conditioner can’t solve everything. I don’t think I ever made it past two CD’s in my pre-conditioned days. When the Furman was in my home theater system, I wanted to watch more TV, more movies and more music DVD’s. ‘More TV’ has an evil ring to it I know so I leave it to you whether enhancing your home theater system is something you want to do but if you do, the IT-Reference 20i is a great way to do it.