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Focal XS 2.1 iPod Amplified Speaker Dock



Setting up the Focal XS 2.1 is rather straightforward. The woofer module houses the speaker and power connections with the inputs present on the dock base. The left channel speaker connects to the woofer model using a standard RCA plug. The plug is integrated directly into the speaker module and is not user-replaceable. The satellite itself is not powered, and the RCA connection is used to deliver a standard speaker level signal as opposed to a line level signal. The right channel and dock are connected using an 8-in DIN connector.

As might be expected with a proprietary connection, this is not user replaceable. Speaking with Gerard, this represented a tradeoff between configurability and cost. The addition of removable cords and connectors would have resulted in increased cost, with little real benefit over the cables used by Focal. Power is supplied to the woofer module using an ungrounded, detachable IEC power cable. The only adjustments on the woofer module are for line voltage, and a knob labeled woofer gain. It is labeled gain, but the knob controls the crossover point for a shelf EQ. The EQ controls the level of bass sent to the satellites with an EQ slope of 12db/octave. The optimal EQ setting depends upon the amount of room loading available to the woofer module.

Focal XS 2.1 iPod Dock

Focal XS 2.1 iPod Dock