Floor-standing Speakers

Definitive Technology Mythos STS Supertower Speakers



Innovation lives top to bottom in the Mythos STS towers. As I mentioned the body is an elegant sculptured extruded aluminum monocoque with a high gloss black finish, also available in polished silver. The non-parallel sidewalls taper front to back – the cross-sectional shape is as much about beauty as it is about standing waves, and performance. Certainly the sleek styling is meant to attract those design conscious consumers. In fact the Mythos series includes on-walls, and on-stand, and center channel units for a complete surround package.

Although space-saving slender the STS stands a half inch shy of 48" on the granite base. Looking at them you'd think they'd tip easily but these are hefty speakers and the 10.5" wide x 14" deep base anchors them solidly. 5.5" wide and 8.5" deep, the STS weighs, well, a lot as my swollen right foot will testify or 61 pounds to be specific.

Definitive Technology Mythos STS Supertower Speakers

Somehow knocking your knuckles on a wood cabinet is one thing, but the inert deadness when bouncing your knuckles on the STS is quite something else.

Before I describe the compliment of drivers, the rear sports not only a pair of speaker posts but also a volume knob and a 12 ft long AC cord for a 300 watt "digitally coupled class D amplifier" for the 5" x 10" racetrack subwoofer - so find an outlet nearby. On the STS, the SuperCube® powered driver is coupled with two similar sized and shaped passive radiators resulting in what Definitive Technology claims is equivalent to a 12" subwoofer (on each speaker). In fact the compliment of woofer drivers takes up ¾ of the front real estate.

Definitive Technology Mythos STS Supertower Speakers

The upper range is handled by a 1" pure aluminum ceramic coated dome tweeter with a pair of 4 ½" cast-magnesium drivers with polymer cones, housed in an "acoustically sealed" independent enclosure – aka, D'Appolito array. The mid-range drives boast DT's BDSS (Balanced Dual Surround system) which supports the cone on both the inner and outer edge.

Definitive Technology Mythos STS Supertower Speakers


As I mentioned Paul and I played around a bit from setting the speakers about 7 feet apart and toed in to merely 5 feet apart and square to the listening chair. Not surprisingly imaging remained consistent and I found the STS forgiving in its placement and I ultimately settled on about 65" apart and the slightest toeing in – old habits die hard. Although my room isn't that large, I was able to keep them a good 3 ft from any side or rear wall as I wanted to evaluate the SuperCube® subwoofer on its own merits, well as best I could.

Paul didn't bother placing the grilles; they still sit in the corner.

Definitive Technology Mythos STS Supertower Speakers

The 93 dB efficient STS were used with both my Onix tube integrated and the McIntosh solid state integrated amplifiers and sources were from digital files stored on my laptop via a Benchmark DAC, an Oppo universal player and a Marantz turntable. For a quick demonstration of Blu-ray music, I used the new AVR-5308 Denon receiver. Cables were from Wireworld and Goertz.