Sonus Faber Sonetto VIII Speaker Review

The Sonus faber Sonetto VIII floorstanding speakers not only look like a million bucks but sound that way too. And the Sonus faber Sonetto VIII speakers aren’t even Sonus faber’s top of the line! Everyone who walked into my living room during this review had the exact same reaction to them - “Oooooooh! – What are THOSE?” Although they are quite large, they have the highest visual acceptance factor of any speakers I’ve yet reviewed, and they sound every bit as great as they look.

GoldenEar Triton Three Floor-Standing Speakers

After the successful launch of the Triton design, GoldenEar soon introduced the Triton Two, which packed a 1200 watt class-D amplifier powering two 5" x 9" "racetrack" subwoofers, along with a pair of 4.5" midrange drivers and the now popular HVFR folded ribbon tweeter. Triton Three followed on the heels of the larger Triton Two. The Triton Three is a smaller version with one less subwoofer and one less midrange driver.