Audio Manufacturer KEF is releasing a brand new groundbreaking technology called Uni-Core, which delivers a completely new take on speaker and subwoofer design.

Uni-Core Bass

Marlboro NJ, 14th January 2021 – This latest innovative technology developed by KEF redefines size versus performance by enabling high-level performance while reducing the subwoofer or speaker cabinet volume significantly.

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With the ambition to create an aesthetically pleasing piece of audio equipment to complement your living room, it was also imperative that KEF not only maintain but excel in their delivery of accurate and deep bass. Between desirable aesthetics and uncompromising performance the first challenge was fitting two drivers into a compact cube enclosure.

“To deliver deep and loud bass from a compact product is a big engineering challenge,” says Dr. Jack Oclee-Brown, Head of Research & Development at KEF. “The Uni-core is a breakthrough technology for KEF because it allows us to pack two drivers into a tighter space without compromising their performance.”

Uni-Core uses two dual force-cancelling drivers with concentrically arranged, overlapping voice coils, that are driven by a single motor to provide stunning bass performance from a small enclosure. The voice-coils are different sizes and occupy the same physical space within the Uni-Core driver assembly. This allows for an extremely compact physical cabinet with significantly reduced volume when compared to subwoofers that rely on conventional driver technology.

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The saved space provides the drivers far more excursion than an equivalent-sized, force-cancelling design, unlocking more output and depth from much less space. This patent-pending technology smoothly delivers powerful and deep bass response while removing the space concerns that are often obstacles to premium subwoofer performance.

The new Uni-Core technology will be applied in an upcoming KEF product that will be announced this month. To discover more on KEF, please visit:


KEF wasfounded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke OBE (1925–1995). Headquartered, in those early years, in a Nissen Hut on the premises of Kent Engineering & Foundry in the UK, after more than half a century at the cutting edge of audio the company remains committed to excellence in sound. From ground-breaking Uni-Q technology to the bar-setting LS50 Wireless, KEF’sflair for the unusual – and sometimes controversial – balances an obsession with design in harmony with the most innovative engineering. KEF’sreputation for quality isfounded on a refusal to compromise on aural authenticity or experience.