We’re gearing up for Black Friday by announcing the launch the new limited edition RUBICON 6 BLACK EDITION!

This elegant high-end speaker comes in an exclusive Satin Black finish with distinctive black wood fibre cones, providing the speakers with a new powerful look.

The details on the RUBICON 6 BLACK EDITION make the speaker look even more decadent, such as the golden DALI logo and the golden serial number plate.

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This special edition speaker has also been upgraded to enhance its performance.

The upgrades include an all new crossover design featuring Mundorf capacitors, as well as internal DALI silver cable wiring to build on the already stellar performance that defines the RUBICON series.

Satin Black

Serial Number Plate

RUBICON 6 BE is available in a limited number, with only 888 speakers produced worldwide!

RUBICON 6 BE will be online on our website on BLACK FRIDAY.

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Don’t miss out on this one-off opportunity to experience the DALI RUBICON 6 as you’ve never heard it before!


Gold Plate

Only 888 Speakers World Wide