NextGen Now Shipping Groundbreaking HDMI to Cat-6 Splitter

Innovative Product Allows Distribution of High Resolution Video Signals over a Single Cat-5 or Cat-6

Port Richey, Florida May 18, 2010 — NextGen, an innovative provider of unique product solutions for the a/v markets, is now shipping its groundbreaking new product that allows longer and more-cost-effective runs than ever possible over HDMI cable alone. The NextGen Cat-6 to HDMI Splitter ($299.00 MSRP) extends and distributes high resolution video signals over a single Cat-6 cable. This will save an installer time and money while offering unprecedented ability to distribute high quality HDMI performance for up to eight displays.

Using the optional Mini Dongle ($49.00 each MSRP), an installer can now simply convert HDMI to Cat-6, send 1080p signals up to 100 feet and then covert back to HDMI. Each Mini Dongle features a gold-plated male HDMI to female RJ-45 connector. Up to eight Mini Dongles can be used on the eight-way splitter to feed high resolution 1080p video to eight separate devices. Installations will be simple, flexible, trouble-free and cost-effective.

“Our HDMI to Cat-6 splitter is not only a time and money saver, it delivers excellent video performance, supporting resolutions up to 1080P and up to 100 feet”, explained Bob Dolatowski, President of NextGen. “This is a fantastic solution for a variety of applications, including connecting a projector to the component rack. And we now have them ready to ship.”

Key Features

  • Innovative- extend high resolution HDMI signals over Cat-6 cable
  • High Performance- distributed signals in properly designed systems are indistinguishable from the original
  • Cost-Effective– use low cost Cat-6 instead of expensive HDMI cable
  • Easy to Install– compact size, passive connections require no power
  • Compatible– supports 1080p and works with all standard HDMI applications
  • Reliable– stable operation under normal temperature and humidity environments

About NextGen LLC

NextGen is an innovative provider of unique a/v product solutions for the residential and light commercial markets. The company is best known for its award-winning Remote Extender which gives an ordinary remote control powerful RF capability. Founded in 2002 and based in Port Richey, Florida, NextGen designs and builds many of its award-winning products and then markets them throughout the world. For more information, please visit


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