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Percussion instruments will be reviewed in this section, including drums, cymbals, and similar items.

Vancouver Audio Show 2016

Vancouver Audio Show 2016

This is the second time in recent years we have had the pleasure of an Audio show on the west coast of Canada. As it is a relatively new show the attendance for both exhibitors and attendees was on the low side. The quality of the equipment shown was certainly on the high side...

Zildjian Cymbal Reviews

The ReZo line for Zildjian is relatively new, and there are about a half dozen models ranging from a 12" Splash up to a 21" Ride. They are beautiful cymbals to look at, and in my opinion, one of the best sounding models...

Paiste 22″ Signature Dark Energy Mark II Ride Cymbal

Paiste has several Signature lines, including the Dark Energy. The cymbal reviewed here is the 22" Dark Energy Mark II Ride. Sometimes consumers may think that the word "Dark" means that not only the wash will have intense low frequencies, but also that the ping does not have intense high frequencies. That is not always true. Although the low frequencies are always there in a dark cymbal, the ping can be bright, which is the case with this cymbal.

Paiste 24″ Giant Beat Multi-Functional (Ride) Cymbal

Paiste's Giant Beat series consists of a 24", 18", and 20" "Multi-functional", and 14" and 15" Hi-Hats. They have a very distinctive sound that one might call "Retro Rock", as the ping is crisp. The 18", 20", and 24" are labeled as "Multi-functional" because they can be used as rides or crashes. Here, we review the 24" version, which is essentially a ride cymbal.

Zildjian 22″ K. Zildjian Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride Cymbal

Zildjian has re-introduced the K. Zildjian Constantinople series of rides and crashes, described as being mellow, dry, dark, and warm. The 22" ride comes in two versions, the medium thin high and the medium thin low. We have already reviewed the high version, and now we cover the low version. The words high and low refer to the tonal balance, not the shape of the bell or curvature. They both have a nostalgia "K" sound that so many drummers, particularly jazz drummers, are looking for.

Dream 24″ Bliss Half Cup Ride Cymbal

Dream Cymbals are manufactured in China, being totally hammered and lathed by hand, directly from the cast bronze disc, rather than put through rollers to flatten them before hammering. The results are cymbals that have a very strong wash that sustains. The current review covers their 24" Bliss Half Cup Ride Cymbal. This basically means the bell is about half the size it normally would be. This gives the cymbal a strong ping, and just enough wash to make it interesting.

Paiste 22″ 2002 Power Ride Cymbal

I have been a big fan of the Paiste 2002 series for a long time. I only had 2002 crash cymbals though. When I read about a drummer's experience with the 2002 ride cymbal on a drum forum, I decided to obtain one and see (hear) if I liked it as well as he did.

I did.