The all new Bowers and Wilkins 600 series speakers have been released!

Bowers and Wilkins 600 Series Speakers Display

These entry level models by British speaker maker B&W have been officially released and will be shipping in September. Four new speakers are now making up the revamped 600 series, there is now only one tower speaker, the 603, and two bookshelf speakers, the larger is called 606 and smaller is the 607. One center channel is also available, the HTM6, as well as a new line up of subwoofers.

A portion of the B&W press release states:

“The 600 Series has been one of the most successful and highly regarded ranges in the Bowers & Wilkins portfolio for over 20 years, offering a class-leading combination of exceptional performance and compelling value. Through five generations of 600 Series, Bowers & Wilkins engineers have raised the bar successively on what could be accomplished with modestly priced loudspeakers – each time achieving greater worldwide critical acclaim and commercial success.

In September 2018, the sixth generation of 600 Series will arrive in stores. Offering a considerable improvement in capability over the outgoing range, the new 600 Series makes high-end sound quality more attainable and accessible than ever. This dramatic performance is enabled by advanced technology including, most notably, the adoption of the Continuum cone, first developed for the 800 Series Diamond range and recently introduced to the new 700 Series.

This will provide the new 600 Series with the performance improvements it needs to remain class-leading and will also ensure its visual and technical alignment with the 700 Series and 800 Series Diamond range.

Available in black or white and featuring the most accurate and transparent drive unit technologies in its class, the new 600 Series defines a new performance standard in its category.”

Bowers and Wilkins 600 Series Speakers Shelf

Expect to see them hit stores sometime in September (I would expect most dealers to have them in stock by mid-September). Pricing is as follows, 603 – $900 each, 606 – $400 each, 607 – $300 each, HTM6 $599. All are available in either a black or white matte finish, no wood finishes are available for any of the 600 series speakers.

Expect my full review up in a few weeks, I expect these speakers to be a slight improvement over the outgoing speakers as they now have upgraded drivers and other improvements but are still price competitive. Also, we finally get magnetic grilles as the old grille posts are finally gone. These should be a great entry level speaker for anyone getting into the audio world for the first time.

Bowers and Wilkins 600 Series Speakers Front Display