Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Paradigm Cinema 100CT 5.1 Speaker System


Design of the Paradigm Cinema 100CT 5.1 Speaker System

The Paradigm Cinema CT100 includes five identical satellites which are made from molded plastic with a high-gloss finish. They are small, roughly 8.5" tall, 5" wide and 7" deep. On the back are push-thru binding posts that will accept 14 gauage and smaller bare wire. On the front are removable grills with magnetic badges. These badges can be placed accordingly based whether the speaker is horizontal or vertical. The satellites must be mounted with either bookshelf stands or wall brackets (included). Under the removable grills you will find a 1aluminium domed tweeter and a 4polypropylene midrange that has been injected with minerals to increase the stiffness. Overall the speakers feel solid despite the low weight and plastic components.

The Cinema Sub is roughly a 13" cube with dual ports, and houses a single 8" driver and a 100 watt RMS amplifier. There are variable controls for both output level and cross over point, which goes from 35 Hz to 150 Hz, and is defeat-able. Also on the back panel is a phase switch (0 or 180 degrees) and an on/auto/standby power switch. There are no speaker-level inputs, only line-level (RCA). The sub also has a removable 2 prong power cord and comes with a mounting template and four rubber feet that the user must install themselves. You have the option of mounting the feet (with included adhesive tape) to the glossy side, or using screws to to mount to the grill-cloth side. This allows the user to change the appearance of the sub. I will admit I was unable to find the pre-drilled screw holes for mounting to the grill-cloth side, and choose to mount to the glossy side. I do prefer the look of the sub this way as it now has a glossy top and wrap-around grill-cloth. I can see no performance issues with either mounting location. Over-all the sub is solid yet light compact and easy to move around.