Surround Sound Speaker Systems

MK Sound LCR950 Monitor Speakers, SUR950T Surround Speakers, and MX250 Subwoofer


On The Bench

The LCR 950, at the low end of its rated frequency response, produces an impressively low 0.55% THD+N.

At 1kHz, distortion is 0.885%.

And at 10 kHz, 0.47% THD+N.

White noise at one foot, one meter, and two meters (in-room response).

The LCR950 is rated at 4 Ohms nominal impedance, and as shown the graph stays above 4 Ohms throughout the spectrum. Electrical phase after clearing the speaker's LF response stays between +30 and -15 degrees. As long as the receiver/amp is rated for 4 Ohm speakers, the 950's should not present a difficult load.

One of the benefits of a push-pull subwoofer design is reduced even-order harmonics, but it comes at the cost of higher distortion. As a result, the MX250 subwoofer's response at 20 Hz topped out at about 98 dB and 8.78% THD+N.

At 31.5Hz and 100 dB, distortion was down to 4.8%.

THD+N vs. frequency shows distortion at or above 10% from 10 to 30Hz, then drops rapidly. This sub is designed for maximum output rather than max low frequency extension.