Paradigm SUB 1 Subwoofer


Introduction to the Paradigm SUB 1

One can never be too rich, too good looking, or have too much bass. The first two axioms are ones that unfortunately I cannot test out myself, but the third is one that I am willing to givet a shot. For years Paradigm has delivered some award winning, room rattling subwoofers that have consistently garnered praise from reviewers and hit you in the chest while watching a film. Last year they managed to outdo themselves with the SUB 2, a 270 pound monster that requires a 240V line to run at full power. Since those electrical capabilities are beyond my reach in my home, I took a look at the step down, but by no means miniscule, SUB 1. Coming in at 109 pounds, with six 8" bass drivers and 3,400 watts of Class D power, I took delivery of a piano black pair and set out to see what I had been missing in those lower octaves of sound all these years.


  • Design: Powered Subwoofer, Sealed Enclosure
  • Drivers: Six 8" Polypropylene
  • Amplifier: 1,700 Watts RMS, 3,400 Watts Peak
  • Low Frequency Extension: 12 Hz (DIN)
  • Dimensions: 20.25" H x 19.9" W x 17.8" D
  • Weight: 109 Pounds
  • MSRP: $4,499 USD ($4,999 for Piano Black Finish)
  • Perfect Bass Kit: $99 (Included)
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