Gallo Strada 2 Speakers and TR-3D Subwoofers


Conclusions about the Gallo Strada 2 Speakers and TR-3D Subwoofers

Anthony Gallo Acoustics has made it very difficult to choose between their flagship Reference 3.5 and the Strada 2 with TR-3D. The real world sound quality is very, very close. The Strada 2 system wins in bass power and visual unobtrusiveness and delivers an extremely tall soundstage. The Strada 2s also don't ask the amplifier to provide power at low frequencies. The 3.5s integrate the bass into the music a bit better and delivers a soundstage that is more realistically scaled, but does ask more of the driving amplifier and is definitely more imposing in the room. I'm personally going to keep the 3.5s, but that will not be the best choice for everyone. Especially if you lean towards lower power amplifiers, or want a very small speaker that can really deliver the goods, I encourage you to take a serious listen to the Gallo Strada 2 and TR-3D system.