JVC X30 1080p Three-Chip D-ILA 3D Projector


Conclusions About the JVC X30 Projector

Now that I have the space for a theater, I plan to avoid going to the cinema as much as possible going forward. With the JVC X30, I didn't miss going to the theater at all as the image it presented let me fall into watching the film and forgetting everything else. The black levels were amazing compared and the contrast, which the ISF finds to be the most important element of an image, was spectacular. My initial worries about the lack of a CMS were unfounded when I saw how well the image calibrated at the end and the lens memory worked wonderfully in my experience. If you are going to watch 3D all the time I might suggest looking at a different projector, likely a DLP, to avoid ghosting, but for watching films the JVC is a wonderful projector and one that might find a place in my own theater on a permanent basis.