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ONIX H6550 Integrated Tube Amplifier


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Following a product as revered and successful as the SP3 integrated amplifier, ONIX steps up and produces the new H6550. How could I possibly resist the temptation to request one for review? The good people at AV123 graciously offered to send it to me.

Anyone who reads Secrets on a regular basis cannot avoid the likes of AV123, lead by Mark L. Schifter, owner and founder of the ever evolving group. Along with the wildly popular Rocket speakers, you'll find their electronics lines including Emotiva and ONIX.

ONIX is the branch of Mark's stable of companies specifically for the two-channel audiophile. I had the pleasure of reviewing the SP3 integrated tube amp Mark affectionately refers to as "our little friend". I ended up making the SP3 review unit a permanent fixture in my system, and why not, it's an outstanding value. It offers two inputs and 38 watts per channel. Not bad when it comes to tube amplifiers, but Schifter and company did not rest, and the new four-input H6550 was developed.