GoldenEar SuperSub X Subwoofer Preview

GoldenEar SuperSub X Subwoofer Preview

GoldenEar has been quite busy on the subwoofer front as of late. Using the same genetic Bouillabaisse that spawned the thoroughly enjoyable SuperSub XXL, GoldenEar has come back with an even smaller, yet still filling dish called the SuperSub X. This new sub looks...


Telluride 2016

In the intro for the 2015 Telluride Film Festival I wrote about how Aretha Franklin was suing to stop the presentation of the performance-documentary “Amazing Grace”. I’m happy to cut and paste that information into this year’s intro. We were shocked to see that it was on the schedule...

Arcam AVR850 Surround Receiver

Arcam AVR850 Surround Receiver Review

The new Arcam AVR850 surround receiver includes Dolby Atmos processing and is DTS:X ready via a firmware update. It utilizes Dirac Live room correction and contains seven channels of high powered Class G amplification.

Emotiva XPA Gen3 Amplifier

Emotiva XPA Gen3 Amplifier Preview

Throughout their history, Emotiva has been widely recognized as the world’s best value in high-end audio. They have earned this reputation by offering amazing products that rival the best money can buy at unbelievably low prices.