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Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7 XLR Balanced Interconnects Review


The Design of the Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7 XLR Balanced Interconnects

As with most interconnects on the market, the Platinum Eclipse 7 comes in both XLR and RCA configuration, shown below. I tested the XLR version, partly because most of my equipment is fully balanced, and so I use mostly XLR balanced cables, but also because I had not yet put an XLR cable through bench tests. This is because XLR has three conductors, and only two conductors can be tested at any one time. But, I had a custom designed test box constructed for me that allows testing the hot conductors (+ and -) as well as a hot conductor and ground (+ and ground).

The Wireworld model 7's use a configuration called the DNA Helix, which, of course, refers to the discovery many decades ago, that DNA in chromosomes is arranged in a helix (spiral). The diagram shown below is from Wireworld's website, and shows the comparison of the conductor arrangement in a conventional cable with their design.


This second illustration provides more detail on the Platinum Eclipse, which is the model I tested, but in the XLR version. Note that the connector is made from carbon fiber. The graphic on the far right shows the helix.