For those of us who use A/V equipment with HDMI jacks, we all have experienced issues with the cable being forced to bend at stressful angles to go to the next piece of equipment in the signal path. NextGen has solved this difficulty with the Twister, which is an HDMI jack and plug, connected together using a 3600 ball joint.

For my own situation, my 47″ LCD HDTV has its HDMI jacks arranged vertically on the back panel, so the HDMI cable, which is very stiff, was bending so sharply, it was causing the plug to lose contact with some of the pins, resulting in the TV program to suddenly go to blue screen. I thought at first it was the satellite box, so I reset it, but to no avail. Then I realized that it might be the HDMI plug, and when I pushed it in more tightly, the signal returned.

Then, I saw the press release for the NextGen Twister, and I knew I had my solution. I obtained one, plugged it into the TV’s HDMI jack, and the HDMI cable into the Twister’s jack, turned the Twister until it felt like there was no strain on the interface, and have gone back to watching my programs without annoying interruptions from such a simple problem that now has a simple solution.

Here are some photos of the Twister in several different positions, and a photo of the Twister connected to my HDTV.



You can order the Twister on-line at NextGen at $19.95/each.