Valencia Theater Seating offers a premium collection of seating options for your home theater.

Valencia Theater Seating Review – Premier Series Tuscany


Valencia Theater Seating

  • Wide variety of styles and options
  • Premium quality leather
  • Leggett & Platt powered recline mechanism
  • Power motorized lumbar support, power headrest

Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Row of 2
Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Row of 2

The Valencia Theater Seating product reviewed here is the Tuscany in a Row of 2 configuration. The Tuscany seats are a member of Valencia’s Premier Series and come in a wide range of finish options. The seats offer excellent support and comfort and come with great features like power recline, power motorized lumbar support, and power headrest. Seating is an important aspect of any home theater, so let’s take a deeper look at what Valencia offers with the Tuscany theater seating.


Valencia Theater Seating is a Canadian company offering custom home theater seating in a variety of designs and styles to fit almost any décor. Their product line is divided between the Premier Series which features top-grain Nappa leather, power recline, and power headrests as standard features, and the Cinema Series which features top-grain Italian leather and power recline standard. The entire product line is customizable both in terms of overall style and seating configuration. Seating can be ordered in traditional straight-line row configurations as well as curved configurations, and in combination with single seats and loveseats.
The ordering and design process is accomplished online via one of Valencia’s online storefronts which are currently available for the US, Canadian, and UK markets. Valencia products can also be viewed at several American dealers and some Canadian. Customer service is available via phone and email. Valencia offers delivery direct to their customers or they can arrange for a white glove delivery service.

Design (as reviewed):

Premier Series Tuscany Row of Two


Premium top grain Nappa leather


Power recline, power headrest, power motorized lumbar support, hidden arm storage, USB port, LED-backlit cupholders, LED ambient base lighting

General Features

Optional Accessories:

tray table, tablet holder, wine glass caddy


43.5″ H x 68.25″ W x 39.75″ D

Depth Extended:

69.5″ D

Warranty (parts and labor):

3 years pro-rated


$3,999.99 USD (Pricing varies based on seat quantity, style, and options selected.)


Company Site




Valencia Theater Seating


The Valencia Theater Seating Premier Series seats offer the most configuration options. For example, with the Tuscany model reviewed here, there are three choices of seat material (Nappa leather, velour fabric, or Italian leather), each available in a wide variety of colors. The seats can be configured in a single color, or a second color can be chosen for the seating surfaces and side panels, creating a two-tone effect. Even the color of the piping material can be changed to create a totally unique seating design. Each armrest comes with a cup holder that can also be customized with a different finish such as black, chrome, black chrome, gold, or silver.

In terms of features, the Valencia Tuscany model theater seat utilizes a reclining mechanism made by industry leader Leggett & Platt. The chair frames are made from solid wood. The seat comes with adjustable power motorized-lumbar support, and it features an adjustable powered headrest. Hidden inside each seat arm is a convenient storage area. The seat arm storage lids are supported by an air piston so they open and close smoothly. Each seat has blue LED ambient lighting around the cup holder and beneath the chair.


I was a bit apprehensive at the thought of receiving two theater seats and installing them myself, but the process was very straightforward. Valencia customer service let me know that my order would be arriving. Before the delivery, I received a call from UPS Freight to schedule the actual delivery. They arrived with a full-size freight truck which is not something one normally sees in a residential neighborhood.

Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Row of 2 Delivery
Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Row of 2 Delivery

My configuration for the Tuscany Row of 2 came in two boxes. The first box had a single seat with both left and right arms attached. The second box contained a right armchair, which is a single seat with only a right arm as viewed from the front of the chair. Valencia provides an online installation video that walks through the unpacking process and a link and QR code for that video is placed prominently on the top of each box. I highly recommend watching the assembly video as it shows quite clearly how to unpack and set up the chairs.

I should note that the packing cartons are heavy, and this is a two-person job to unpack and install the seating. In my case, the one shipping carton was too wide to fit through my doorway, so I decided to unpack the chairs in my garage and carry them inside once unboxed. After flipping the carton per the directions and lifting the outer box, I found each seat resting on its back.

 Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Unpacking
Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Unpacking

I removed the outer wrapping and the seatback, which is shipped unattached to the chair. To move the chairs easily through standard-width doorways, the chair needs to be positioned with the front of the chair facing upwards. This allowed the chair to easily fit through my doorway, but I did run into one complication. Since the chair was facing up, one of the arm storage-area covers popped open during the moving process which made it a challenge to hold the chair, try to close the cover, and still maneuver through the doorway.

After the double-arm seat was in place, I plugged in the chair to a convenient floor outlet and then attached the back of the seat which slides and locks into two rails, one on each side of the reclining mechanism. This is another step that is best managed with two people.

Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Side View
Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Side View

To power the headrest and lumbar mechanisms, there are two color-coded cables which need to be connected and latched in place. Once done, I tested that the first chair worked as expected. It was then time to unpack and move the right armchair following the same unpacking process.

Aligning the second seat seemed easy enough until I realized that the seats connect via a sliding latch mechanism. I was not able to connect the seats at first since the power cord from the first seat was in the way.

Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Latch Mechanism
Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Latch Mechanism

I unplugged the first seat, plugged in the second seat temporarily, and raised the footrest so that I could see what was going on underneath. I was then able to align the lock mechanism and slide the right armchair into the left-seat latches to complete the Row of 2.

Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Connected Row of 2
Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Connected Row of 2

I then fished both power cords back under the recline mechanisms and completed the installation. The process was very straightforward, but you should think through the power cord situation first so that your seats will operate as expected.

In Use

My first impression of the Valencia Tuscany seats was extremely positive. They looked beautiful and I was immediately impressed with the high-quality craftsmanship. I had ordered the seats in the Dark Chocolate leather, and I loved the color which was accurately represented on Valencia’s website. The leather has a premium feel, with a texture that is both soft and supple yet surprisingly firm thanks to the underlying construction. Sitting in the seat for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall support. The quilted back and seat areas offered firm yet comfortable support. The power lumbar support is AMAZING! I have never had a chair with such a feature and to be able to easily adjust the amount of lumbar support was fantastic.

Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Seats
Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Seats

The reclining mechanism operated very smoothly and was quiet in operation. I appreciated how much variability was available in the mechanism allowing from a slight recline to a full recline and everything in between. The recliner mechanism provided good support for my feet and legs, and I was glad to not feel the recline mechanism itself under my legs. I also liked that the footrest had a solid continuous-padded design, that connected fully to the seat portion – there is no gap under the knee area as one might find in a regular recliner.

The adjustable powered headrest is a wonderful feature, and my neck appreciated the variable support. The controls for each seat are in the sides of the outside seat arms. The buttons control recline, lumbar and powered headrest, and the entire seat can be reset back to default by holding one button. If you are really in a hurry to get comfortable, multiple settings can even be changed at once. The button on the right toggles the LED accent lighting for the cup holder and the under-seat floor lighting. The included USB port can be used for charging a device.

Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Controls
Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Controls

If you are looking to stash away a few remotes or other items, the storage area located under each armrest easily accommodates. The air piston is a nice touch providing a solid mechanism for raising and lowering each seat arm. The cupholder in each seat arm is deep and oversized but didn’t always fit every beverage container exactly right.

Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Storage
Valencia Premier Series Tuscany Storage

Each seat includes a holder for an optional accessory tray table, tablet holder, or wine glass caddy, each sold separately.

Valencia Premier Series Optional Accessories
Valencia Premier Series Optional Accessories


The VALENCIA TUSCANY HOME THEATER SEATS offer premium comfort and style for your home theater.

  • Attractive design and quality construction.
  • Comfortable with quiet, powered recline.
  • Powered motorized lumbar support and headrest.
  • Wide variety of styles and finish options.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Ambient base lighting.
Would Like To See
  • Option to turn off the lights around the control panels, and control brightness.
  • Variety of color options for the LED lighting, so color can be changed to match room décor, mood, movie theme, etc.
  • A task light accessory that could be powered off the USB port.

After using the Valencia Theater seats for several weeks now, I continue to be incredibly happy with their performance. The seats are extremely comfortable and supportive, the reclining mechanism operates smoothly and quietly, and the variable lumbar and neck support are features I wouldn’t give up. I hope they continue to provide such support for many years to come.

If you are looking to outfit your home theater or just your living room with stylish, comfortable, and feature-rich seating, Valencia Theater Seating may have just what you’re looking for. Highly recommended.