Waterfall Audio unveils the ultimate fusion of audio and interior design: the majestic Niagara glass loudspeaker

Carcès, France—CEDIA Expo 2009—Leading French hi-fi speaker manufacturer Waterfall Audio has been developing innovative audio designs with patented components encased in glass for more than ten years but never before in their history have they dared to push the boundaries this far.

Not only the pinnacle in sound quality and high-end audio craftsmanship, and the result of three years of groundbreaking research and development Waterfall’s new flagship glass loudspeaker, the Niagara takes its place among other French design icons such as Lalique and Cartier and furnishings in the Louvre, as an exquisite and timeless work of art.

Aptly named after Niagara Falls, the Waterfall Audio Niagara speaker is an awesome sight. The Niagara’s stunning enclosure of ¾”-thick Diamond Glass stands 3′ 11” tall. Different in color from regular glass, Diamond Glass is a very luxurious material treated at high temperatures for a greater transparency and clarity that allows the speaker’s drivers to appear to float in air.

Driver Technology

The custom built mid/bass Atohm drivers—equipped with the patented ADT (Acoustic- Damping Tube) and the unique Glass Horn tweeter, which is mechanically decoupled from the main enclosure—are absolutely superlative in every respect. The Niagara speakers will astound their owners, and transform a room into a concert hall with their detailed, vibrant, naturally open sound, all supported by an ultra low-frequency passive driver fixed in a downfiring position in the Niagara’s solid aluminum base.

Attention to Detail

The most striking feature of the Niagara is its intricately engineered Glass Horn tweeter, designed with its own detailed crossover for a luminously expressive sound. The fabrication process requires more than ten hours of intense machining and hand finishing. This component is so delicate that it’s packed separately for shipping in a specially designed padded box to ensure the ultimate security. Detailed assembly instructions are provided for attaching the tweeter to the main speaker enclosure.

Niagara’s mid/bass drivers and base foundation are covered in the highest quality, hand-stitched Nappa leather, the luxurious material typically used by such automotive brands as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche for of its smooth grain, softness and durability.

The Niagara from Waterfall Audio is now available to discriminating music listeners in the U.S. through AVR Distributing of Marietta, Georgia. Interested dealers can contact Dwight Renzema at 864-569-0184 or [email protected].

Suggested Retail Price: USD $54,000.00/pair.