October 8, 2018 – Next Level Acoustics™ is proud to announce our new line of Sonos® compatible products geared for the custom integrator. Building upon the success of the Elite Series for the Sonos® Playbar, Next Level Acoustics™ has produced a suite of unique products creating the perfect marriage between Sonos® and the CI market.  


NOW AVAILABLE – Elite Enclosures for the Sonos® Beam – Offering two models, full size and an Elite Light Version

  • Elite Series full size – the entire enclosure is built to the exact size of the display with two-step seamless tapered ends
  • Elite Series Light – Two sizes (48.25” and 56.9” enclosures) with 45-degree tapered ends.  The grille will be extended to match the length of the display

NOW AVAILABLE – Sonos® Beam adapter for the UM1 bracket (UM1-B)

  • Allows the Sonos® Beam, when paired with theSonos® Beam on wall bracket, to perfectly line up flush with the front edge of the display
  • Fully articulate and pivot the beam with the display when using an articulating mount

AVAILABLE Q4 2018 – Fusion Sonos® Amp (“Fusion SA”) – An enhanced line ofFusion and Fusion Reference stereo soundbars created exclusively for use with the new Sonos® Amp

Features include:

  • Full integration of the Sonos® Amp into the physical soundbar’s MDF and Baltic birch construction
  • The soundbar’s acoustic performance is expertly tuned to maximize every ounce of the Sonos® Amp’s performance
  • Fusion series – 4.5” carbon drivers, DX tweeters, and high-performance crossovers
  • Fusion Reference series – 5.5″ carbon wool drivers, Dyna tweeters, high-performance crossovers, and proprietary internal sound deadening epoxy
  • Elite series seamless tapered ends
  • Full IR drop down badge grille notches available
  • Supports UM1 bracket mounting
  • Stock 48.25” (55” displays), 56.9” (65” displays) and custom widths