Musicgiants Brings All Of The Hits To You With Their Concierge Collections

MusicGiants Concierge packages are delivered to customers on Seagate FreeAgent Go data movers that are both stylish and functional to match consumers’ digital lifestyles. Ensuring the highest product quality and reliability, all Seagate FreeAgent portables are designed for easy “plug and play” operation through a USB 2.0 connector. When the package is downloaded it automatically prompts MusicGiants for the DRM keys. The drives are compatible with any PC operating on a Windows platform and offer an ideal experience when used as a media center application.

“Music aficionados are always looking for simple ways to add high quality music to their digital libraries quickly and affordably,” said Dan Good, VP of Seagate’s Content and Security Emerging Business Opportunities group. “Utilizing Seagate’s elegant FreeAgent Go data movers, MusicGiants’ innovative Concierge packages make the once complicated and time-consuming process of ripping, collecting and organizing CD’s, effortless.”

The MusicGiants’ Concierge Collections give music lovers a reason to fall in love with their music all over again. MusicGiants has gathered a collection of the most influential songs of our time which showcase several music genres including jazz, rock, and classical. For a premium ?????, clients can purchase a Custom Music Collection which is tailored to their personal tastes and encompass both musical genres and complete works of select artists.

MusicGiants, launched in 2005, is the only music download service to offer high-definition, digital recordings from all of the top music companies such as Concord Music Group, EMI Music, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. MusicGiants’ use of the WMA lossless format provides up to seven times the sound quality of any other download service. MusicGiants also offers Super HD downloads which play in Windows Media player at rates up to 11,000 kbps.

Currently, MusicGiants integrates with top hardware manufacturers such as Niveus, Crestron, Imerge, Audio Design Associates (ADA), Inteset, and Xperinet which provide access to MusicGiants’ premium content through their high performance entertainment systems. MusicGiants has over 500 dealers in the U.S. to whom the Concierge Collection provides a potential profit boost as they earn recurring revenue with every download their customer purchases.

Any PC running Windows XP or Vista or any device that supports Windows Media Audio Lossless can play any file that is downloaded from the MusicGiants store. ????? per download is $1.29.

Visit and access the MusicGiants store through Windows Media Player 11 or MusicGiants’ HD Music Store located at

MusicGiants delivers high definition entertainment from all of the giants of the industry. Our HD media store is integrated into all of the top media servers for convenient delivery of premium HD content. MusicGiants is the perfect companion for home audio systems and anywhere else that sound quality matters. For more information on MusicGiants visit