Jaton Factory Direct Price Special Sale

Jaton’s incredible prices are about to get even better. For a limited time only music lovers of all over the U.S. States will be able to buy their favorite Jaton’s amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and speakers for nothing less than the factory direct price.

To find out more about the incredible saving available in this sale, users will need to contact their local dealer for details. If no dealers are available in their area, users will need to contact Jaton directly and we will redirect them to the closest dealer available to them. Inventory is limited and this sale will be on first come first served bases until all units last.

We know times are tough, and Jaton is working directly with its dealers to better support customers to get more value for the money without the need to buy our products from internet auctions without the manufactures warranty. So if you are looking to buy something for yourself or for someone you care, don’t wait! This is time to enjoy and share your love for music from the quality and great priced products that only Jaton has to offer.

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 510-933-8888 ext. 118

For more information of this program and locate your nearby dealer.

Please visit www.jaton.com for more information about Jaton and its products.