Visually Discreet Stage 2 Architectural Loudspeakers Offer High Performance at an Affordable Price Point, While IP67-Rated Stage XD Repairable, All-Weather Loudspeakers Deliver Year-Round JBL Sound Outdoors

JBL Stage 2 Architectural Series Speaker

Visit HARMAN Luxury Audio at CEDIA Expo 2022, Booth 16035

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — Sept. 22, 2022 — HARMAN Luxury Audio Group today announced that its JBL Stage 2 Architectural Series and Stage XD Series loudspeakers are now shipping. Featuring eight models in various configurations for both in-wall and in-ceiling installations, Stage 2 Architectural Series loudspeakers are crafted to be visually discreet, while their high-performance design elements ensure the delivery of clear and accurate sound. Offered in two sizes and built for extreme durability, Stage XD Series all-weather loudspeakers combine patented JBL acoustic technologies with IP67-rated weatherized waterproof enclosures to bring the magic of JBL sound outdoors for year-round entertainment.

At the heart of each JBL Stage 2 Architectural Series loudspeaker is a 1-inch/25-millimeter aluminum tweeter with an acoustic lens and waveguide that delivers crystal-clear high frequencies. Polycellulose cone woofers, premium air-core inductors, and mylar cap capacitor crossover network components ensure that sound remains dynamic at all listening levels. A rigid baffle design with acoustic smoothing provides improved transducer integration, while HARMAN’s target curve acoustic performance delivers smooth, accurate sound over a large listening area.

JBL Stage XD Series All-Weather Loudspeakers

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The dual 5.25-inch Stage 250WL, 6.5-inch Stage 260W, and 8-inch Stage 280W in-wall models include larger waveguides with JBL’s patented High-Definition Imaging (HDI) geometry for smooth dispersion and low distortion. In-ceiling models include the 6.5-inch Stage 260C, 8-inch Stage 280C, and the dual 6.5-inch Stage 260CDT. Offering a unique solution for a variety of applications, two Ceiling Square Angled (CSA) models — the 6.5-inch Stage 260CSA and 8-inch Stage 280CSA — feature a contemporary square footprint and a baffle with the transducers positioned at a 15-degree angle, allowing them to focus sound at the listening position.

Stage 2 Architectural Series loudspeakers feature paintable Zero Bezel magnetically attached grilles for a contemporary appearance that blends easily into any décor, while the XL-2 Mounting System provides for quick installation and is compatible with up to 2-inch/50-millimeter material thickness. Preconstruction brackets are available for all models, and square grille accessory kits are available for the Stage 260C, Stage 280C, and Stage 260CDT round in-ceiling models.

Featuring sustainably designed packaging and product, JBL Stage XD Series speakers are the first repairable IP-67 outdoor loudspeakers available. For clear and accurate sound, the Stage XD-5 and XD-6 feature a 5.25-inch/130-mm and 6.5-inch/165-mm Polycellulose cone woofer, respectively, and a 1-inch/25-mm aluminum tweeter with an acoustic lens and HDI waveguide. Both all-weather speakers are perfect for an outdoor location when protection from the environment is a requirement, while their stylish design and mounting flexibility make them equally at home indoors for a variety of applications. Wall-mounts are included, and the loudspeakers also feature Zero Bezel magnetically attached grilles and a rotatable logo for horizontal and vertical applications. The speakers’ IP-67-rated waterproof enclosures are offered in both black and white finishes.

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“We couldn’t be more excited to announce that our highly anticipated Stage 2 Architectural Series and Stage XD Series loudspeakers are now available,” said Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, HARMAN Luxury Audio. “Designed to be heard and not seen, the Stage 2 Architectural Series provides high-performance sound at an affordable price point to meet the budget requirements of any installation. And by offering one of the highest levels of ingress protection available, not only are Stage XD Series loudspeakers built for prolonged exposure to harsh conditions, they’re also designed to come apart and undergo repair in case of damage, instead of finding their way to the landfill. We can’t wait to show these loudspeakers off at CEDIA Expo, so be sure to stop by our booth to experience them first-hand.”

The JBL Stage 2 Architectural Series loudspeakers and Stage XD Series all-weather loudspeakers will be on display in HARMAN’s booth 16035 at CEDIA Expo 2022, taking place September 29 to October 1 in Dallas. Manufacturer suggested retail pricing is as follows:

  • Stage 260W: $150 each
  • Stage 280W: $225 each
  • Stage 250WL: $250 each
  • Stage 260C: $150 each
  • Stage 280C: $225 each
  • Stage 260CDT: $175 each
  • Stage 260CSA: $150 each
  • Stage 280CSA: $225 each
  • Stage XD-6: $599/pair
  • Stage XD-5: $449/pair

More information about the JBL Stage 2 Architectural and Stage XD Series loudspeakers is available at or from a local JBL sales representative.

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