Daily Blog – Steve Smallcombe – February 27, 2008: BUY HD DVDs NOW?

As predicted, the price of HD DVDs has fallen dramatically in the last week. As I am sure everyone has read by now, even Microsoft has thrown in the towel concerning HD DVD drives for their X Box 360. The optional HD DVD drives are now available for $50.

A few days ago, I checked HD DVD pricing on Amazon and was pleased to find a number of HD DVDs that I wanted at $14.95; and so I bought a few and they arrived in my mail box yesterday. When I checked the Amazon site last night and today, some of these same movies, as well as other titles were now $11.95. So I bought a few more.

Note however, that some of the new releases on HD DVD, such as Beowulf and American Gangster still command a respectable price, $27.95.

Does buying HD DVDs on the cheap make sense, since we now know for sure that HD DVD it to be an obsolete format? I think if you have a HD DVD player already, as I do, it probably does, especially if it is a movie you think you may want to watch more than once.