Daily Blog – Brian Florian – June 18th, 2008: HDTV IS STILL (APPARENTLY) NOT ALL THAT APPEALING

We’re on the brink of analogue OTA finally getting flipped to digital, and hopefully we’ll finally see HD penetration where it should be, yet HDTV still seems to lack critical appeal.

A relative of mine got all setup last Christmas with a nice new LCD HDTV and HD Cable service in their cosy upstairs living area. I helped him set it up and it looks great.

While I was visiting him on the weekend he fired up the baseball game … on his 15 year old 20” tube TV in the downstairs living room.  “Is this game not on in HD upstairs?” I asked.  “Yea…but to tell you the truth, I still watch a lot of TV down here…”  he answered.

That says alot about the state of HDTV.