Bluebird Music, distributor of high-performance audio products since 2000, is pleased to announce the availability of two exciting new products from German manufacturer, AVM: the CS 6.3 All-In-One Streaming Receiver, and the A 6.2 ME Integrated Amplifier.

A 6.2 ME

Buffalo, NY, April 22, 2021 — AVM (Audio Video Manufaktur) is one of seven brands distributed by Bluebird, alongside Weiss Engineering DACs, Jadis vacuum tube electronics, SME tonearms and turntables, Questyle headphone amps / DACs, and loudspeakers from Vienna Acoustics and Canton.

New CS 6.3 All-In-One Streaming Receiver

AVM is a world leader in high-performance all-in-ones, and the CS 6.3 All-In-One Streaming Receiver combines a superb CD player, streamer, DAC, integrated amp, and Class-A headphone amp, all in a single, standard-sized component. The Pure CD drive is acoustically isolated and decoupled against external vibration. All common streaming formats and webradio are supported, and the Quad DAC processes PCM signals up to 32 bit/384kHz, as well as DSD 128. A full range of digital and analog inputs facilitate integration into any system, and multiroom and pass-through capabilities provide additional versatility.

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The CS 6.3 produces an impressive 250 watts per channel, (500 into 4 ohms), and can be controlled by iOS or android apps, as well as by remote control. Retail pricing in the US is $13,995.

“Many customers want less-complex sound systems while maintaining superb sound, and the CS 6.3 fills the bill,” said Jay Rein, President of Bluebird Music. “It provides sources, processing, and amplification in one component, without compromising performance. We think it’s a perfect solution for many listeners.”

A 6.2 Master Edition Integrated Amplifier

The A 6.2 ME (Master Edition) is a versatile Class A/AB integrated amplifier designed with a single goal: provide the best sound quality attainable.

All parts are as high-quality as possible, selected for their sonic characteristics. Utilizing a high-speed MOSFET output stage, it produces 180 watts per channel into 8 ohms. The A 6.2 ME’s massive power supply features an oversized toroidal transformer and 120,000 microfarads of AVM’s proprietary capacitors, enabling it to run in purist Class A for most normal listening, while ensuring that even the most-demanding loudspeakers can be driven to full orchestral levels.

Other refinements include a discrete headphone amp that runs completely in Class A; internal cabling selected for improved sound quality and noise rejection; black circuit boards with heavy gold traces for improved stability and heat rejection; speaker terminals machined in-house by AVM; and control knobs machined in unit complete with axles to ensure perfect balance and years of trouble-free operation. Retail pricing in the US is $8,495.

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“The A 6.2 ME delivers phenomenal sound quality, and is designed for purist listeners and audiophiles”, said Rein. “Like all AVM components, it’s built like a bank vault, and will provide decades of enjoyment as the centerpiece of a superb audio system. It’s an amazing value, providing incredible bang for buck, and we’re very excited to be able to offer it.”

Pricing, Finishes, and Availability:

The CS 6.3 All-In-One retails for $13,995, ($17,995 Canadian).

The A 6.2 ME Integrated retails for $8,495, ($10,995 Canadian).

Both models are available in silver or black and both are in stock now at Bluebird Music.

Click here for more info and to see the AVM Recommended Systems.

CS 8.3

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Founded in 1986 and led by Owner and General Manager Udo Besser, AVM (Audio Video Manufaktur) is a leading German manufacturer of high-performance audio equipment. AVM products are distributed in five continents.