ADA adds third lossless pre/pro to line-up with the introduction of the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV B (Balanced). Also, new ADA preamps creating quite a buzz in both the UK and US AV forums.

New York, NY – April 14, 2010 – Audio Design Associates (ADA), the recognized brand of excellence in high-end custom installed electronics, announced that they have begun shipping the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV B. In July 2009, ADA began shipping the long awaited Suite 7.1 HD and this past Christmas began shipping the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV. The timing of this release coincides with a significant up-tick in online chatter about the sophistication and performance of ADA’s home theater pre/pros.

“We are ecstatic that our efforts are so greatly appreciated.” notes Richard Stoerger, Vice President & C.O.O. in referring to the outpouring of support found on both the UK and US audio video forums. “It is great when a reviewer gushes about an ADA product but it is simply stupendous when an entire community says that your preamps are the best ones out there.” Here Stoerger refers to the hundreds of posts on the about ADA’s latest home theater offering: the Suite 7.1 HD, Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV and the most recent addition, the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV B. “The Mach IV B, while the last unit to roll off or our line, is quickly becoming the go to unit for the high-end enthusiast.”

In addition to featuring balanced audio outputs, the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV also features 8 HDMI inputs with dual-mirror HDMI outputs. There is also HDMI equalization for each input and output, part of the reason why they are talking so much about ADA’s HDMI switching success. While all three preamplifiers offer similar features, the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV incorporates a second crossover making it possible to utilize full-range speakers while still sending all bass to the subwoofers. All three preamplifiers also incorporate a multi-band parametric equalizer that many dealers have found is more powerful than the common auto-room correction algorithms typically employed by others.

“While we were among the first with a matrix decoder and the very first to ship a discrete mutli-channel decoder, our new HDMI based pre/pros are a game changer.” states Albert Langella, ADA’s President and C.E.O. “We put two years of engineering effort to ensure a reliable platform and I am honored to see that all of our hard work is so respected.”

About Audio Design Associates
Headquartered in White Plains, New York, Audio Design Associates (ADA) is recognized as the brand of excellence and has been the undisputed leader in the fields of high-end home theater and multi-room audio technology since 1977. Its mission is to provide timeless electronics that enhance lifestyle through entertainment. Albert Langella, ADA’s Chief Design Engineer, CEO and President, received CEDIA’s most hallowed award, The Lifetime Achievement Award, in 1994, in honor of his achievements with the company and technological contributions to the marketplace. In 2006, COO and VP Richard Stoerger received recognition as CEDIA Manufacturer Volunteer of the Year.

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