Well I had really thought that after seven months of various preventative measures, our country would be well on the way to recovering from this COVID-19 crisis. However it is now clear that we are in it for the long-haul. All of us at SECRETS continue to hope that you and your loved ones remain well, and are doing whatever you can to keep healthy and stay safe.


As we enter the last two months of the year, I want to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors who have continued to support us during this uncertain time.  We are making every effort to reach out and provide coverage of new products and to provide new platforms to promote products such as our Where to Buy promotional feature. We understand the difficult situation that the absence of the AV shows continues to present and we are eager to support our industry in getting the word out on the “latest and greatest” wherever possible.  We know that many of our sponsors, and other audio/video manufacturers, are preparing to launch new products in the next few months and we will certainly be reviewing a number of them.

December is also the time that we will announce our “Best Of 2020” awards. Yes, even in this crazy year, our team has reviewed some outstanding audio and video products that we feel are most deserving of being honored, so stay tuned!

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Another huge thank you goes to you, the SECRETS readers, who have continued to support our Editorial Team with contributions large and small.  We really appreciate this financial support along with the words of encouragement you’ve sent us.  We would not be here today without you, and every little bit helps. Unlike some other sites out there, SECRETS does not participate in any affiliate marketing schemes where we would be paid a percentage of a product sale, based on our recommendation. That is just simply not our way. It is going to be awhile before we can work ourselves out of this crisis so, again, I thank you for your continued contributions to the Editorial Team. They are working hard to continue being a trusted source of information by providing top-notch content to you.

And Last, an Invitation…..  

Throughout these challenges I had thought that, operationally, we would need to slow down our product review publication pace. Thankfully, that has not happened thanks to the efforts of our Co-Editor-in Chief, Carlo Lo Raso and our Co-Editors, Chris Eberle, Robert Kozel and Jim Clements.  We have also had wonderful additional content contributions from the leadership of some of our sponsors, including Legacy Audio, World of McIntosh and PSB.  Senior Editor, Glenn Young, has made major contributions in the OpEd feature as well as contributing numerous product reviews.  And while I could go on…..I am extending an invitation!  We would really like to hear from you, the SECRETS readers.  Please consider submitting technical articles or OpEds for publication on the SECRETS website. Submit your ideas to [email protected]. We will review and get back to you about our plans to publish.

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In the end, we are continuing to weather this crisis thanks to you, our readers, our advertisers, our technical teams and our SECRETS team.

As always, I deeply appreciate the support from everyone.  Stay safe, be well and continue pushing forward.  We will get through this together.

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