In reading hi-fi equipment reviews in various magazines, I have been struck at the words the writers use to describe the sound quality.

Here is a sampling:

“Sheen, Subtle Woven Texture, Foundation, Invariably Musical, Breathy, Liquidity, Tension, Natural Rawness, Ripe, Incisive, Rhythmic Drive, Essential Nature, Tangible, Atmospheric, Textural Resolution, Bluster, Out-of-The-Head Soundstage, Focus, Tonal Accuracy, Poise, Warm Sweetness, Harmonic Rightness, Sophistication, Bloom, Grown-Up, Authoritative, Fruity, Confidence, Enthusiasm, Depth Perspective, Soporific, Space, Bloat, Transparency, Immediate, Timing, Lyrical, Ease, Timbral Realism, Tonally Refined, Bracing, Sonic Perspective, Dimensionality, Weight, Impact, Unimpeded Flow, Seamlessness, Immediacy, Air, Heft”

What do these words mean in terms of audio?

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