Lone Mountain Audio

7340 Smoke Ranch Road, Suite A, Las Vegas, NV 89128

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I’m Brad Lunde, the guy behind Lone Mountain Audio. Music has always been a key passion even before my early start as a musician. When I discovered that living the rock and roll life on the road was not for me, I turned my sights to the business end of music, especially the gear.

My very first job in the audio business was working for a high end hi fi store in Milwaukee, where I learned to hear the differences between expensive amplifiers, preamps, speakers and turntable tonearms and cartridges. I eventually moved on from the hi fi store to become a manufacturer’s representative in the 80s, where I learned from the factories themselves how they made it, and why they did it that way. I left the rep business in the 90s and went to work for JBL in California as National Sales Manager, Systems Group. Here I learned the importance of Engineering.

In 1997 I started TransAudio Group, which has become one of the leaders in high end audio for the recording industry. I supply the top dealers high end pro gear and a few top end user friends the high end gear they need for their work. It was at TransAudio that I met ATC.