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Scott Krix: Founder, Designer, Pioneer – As a teenager Scott Krix was in love with sound. Scott tinkered in the garage with kit amplifiers, and made experimental speakers with scavenged drivers from old radios. Scott had a dream to make Australian speakers that could compete successfully on the world market.

Scott’s dream is now reality. The Krix team manufacture high quality loudspeakers for home and commercial use. With some 2000 commercial cinema installations globally, you have possibly already experienced Krix sound.

Distributed throughout the world, Krix is at the leading edge of loudspeaker design. Utilising the latest test equipment, 3D modeling and computer simulated design technology, Krix’s innovative research and development team is a pioneering force in the Australian loudspeaker industry.

Whether you are looking for your first pair of stereo speakers or your own ultimate home theatre experience, Krix will exceed your expectations. Krix’s range of loudspeakers deliver the experience of sound. See Krix’s Full Featured Profile