CES 2010-Full Coverage


Stephen Hornbrook, Writing Staff Reports - Day 2

The Samsung booth was by far the most impressive of the show. Massive in scale, and walls covered in displays.

All of Samsung's 2010 LCD models are now edge-lit and incredibly thin. I was skeptical that they did away with local dimming backlit displays, but the PQ on these edge-lit displays was fantastic.

Samsung had quite a few 3D displays demoing movies and video games. No specific release date, just sometime this year. Expect to pay top dollar for 3D capable sets as they will be the top of the Samsung lineup. All of Samsung's 3D displays used active shutter tech.

they had a custom version of Gears of War on xbox 360 running. I didn't think there was much depth to the image though.

Theses small AMOLED displays had great pic quality, they really didn't need to be in 3D!

Toshiba had some 3D lcd's as well. Using active shutter, of course. They were also touting their powerful CELL processor (same chip technology as in the Playstation 3). Their latest line of displays had much better black levels than I've seen on previous Toshiba's. The 4K concept display was showing split footage on each side of the screen, but they both looked exactly the same! I'm guessing something wasnt running right.

Toshiba's 3D blu-ray player

A company called TCL was showing a 3D tv that did not require glasses. Kind of neat, but not practical for home theater. I can see these used for commercial displays.

Sony had a large display with a concert stage featuring American Idol- Kris Allen. Weeeee!! They were showing 3D LCDs with active shutter glasses. Something didn't seem right to me though, the black levels were garbage and the 3D effect was hard to focus on. It's possible the glasses were not syncing correctly with the TV. Overall I was the least impressed with the Sony technology.

New Moon compact shelf system!!!! Who wouldn't want this???

Several lines, like usual, of Sony TVs. All of them looked very good.

Mitsibishi has had 3D-ready models available for a couple years now. They use what they call a checkerboard process, so a small converter box is required to turn bluray sourced 3D into Mits 3D. I actually really liked the 3D from these TV's. It felt more natural and I could easily focus on whatever plane I chose. Unfortunately I am affected by DLP "rainbows." They even had a computer game demo of Left4 Dead 2 that was pretty cool. Playing off a cheap PC with DVI to HDMI converter.