CES 2008 Show Report Part 4


Kef's Muon loudspeaker is a spectacle. It was Designed by Ross Lovegrove and only one hundred pairs were put into production. That enclosure has a 6mm thick heavily damped aluminum shell.

LG is involved in many different markets and here we see their latest venture into Hi- Fidelity This entire home theater system is designed by Mark Levinson and should be available some time later this year. These prototype demo models sounded really good and I'm looking forward to when they are officially released.

Here is the HD-DVD player and processor that LG will release as part of a complete home theater package including the speakers.

Esoteric is a division of TEAC. Their MG10 loudspeaker won an CEA Innovations honors award. The drivers are manufactured with a Magnesium Alloy and coated with a ceramic material. Sound was superb in the hotel room!

Dali's Helicon 400 Mk2 looked great and sounded great. These use a hybrid tweeter that consists of both a 1" dome and a ribbon tweeter. The mid bass drivers are designed with lightweight wood fiber cones. This picture doesn't quite do justice to the quality of their appearance.

Snell had their Reference B7s on hand. Designed by Joe D'Appolito Ph.D., the man famous for the D'Appolito array, the B7 has dual 4.5" magnesium mid drivers, a 1" silk dome tweeter sandwiched between them, and dual 8" aluminum side-firing bass drivers. Snell can apply any custom wood stain that is desired. MSRP $10,000/pair.