ButtKicker BK-Kit-4 Wireless Tactile Transducer



ButtKicker has a winner on its hands with the BK-KIT-4 Kit. It has everything you need (I guess we call this a "Turn Key" product) to get you started in the world of tactile sensations with your action movies. To get the BK-KIT-4 for $299 instead of the $399 price on the ButtKicker website and on other websites that sell the kit, click HERE, then click "Add to Cart", and then in the box where it says "Coupon Code? Enter it Here:" type HIFI, click the "Apply" button, and your price will change to $299 (actually, $297.95) instead of the $399 you would normally pay. Then enter the coupon code for free shipping, which is HIFI59. These codes are special for Secrets readers only, as we have declined any commission on sales. (Let us know if you have any problems with getting the special price by using the Comments box at the bottom of this page.)