ButtKicker BK-Kit-4 Wireless Tactile Transducer


In Use

I connected the transmitter to my Denon AVP-A1HDCI processor, set the volume conrtrol on the power amplifier to low, and put on some Blu-ray action movies. As scenes came on with deep bass, I adjusted the volume control until it was the intensity I wanted.

Of course, war movies make a good test for products like this, so I used Patton and The Longest Day to start with. Before, when I had the original ButtKicker shaker, I tended to turn it up too much because the power was there, so why not use it? Problem was, it was distracting to have my eyeballs vibrating. When friends would come over for a demo, they also would say it was too strong.

With the BK-KIT-4, this won't happen because the maximum amount of shaking is less than with their larger models, and it is frankly, just the right amount that we should have been using in the first place.


I also connected the shaker to a signal generator and found that at 5 Hz, I could get the shaker's magnetic cylinder inside to rattle. The rattling effect diminished as the frequency increased. Although most movies don't have frequencies at 5 Hz, there are a few that do, and you will need to turn down the volume in those cases.

The wireless feature worked flawlessly from one corner of the room to the other (20 feet).

Although the remote control lets you choose several modes, the differences are subtle. Certainly, the vibration sensors in our skin cannot detect differences in frequencies like our ears can. Nevertheless, I did sense that the bass from the shaker was very tight and fast (in time with the bass from my subwoofers).