Yamaha RX-V665 7.1 A/V Receiver



I had the 665 as the centerpiece of my system for about two months, so I had ample time to get used to it, and experience it on both an "every day" level, and a critical listening level. I'd like to stress that I was very impressed with what $550 can get you in a receiver these days. The 665 is loaded with fantastic features, like HDMI and HD-component video switching and HD up-conversion of any analog source to HDMI, as well as a FULL complement of all the latest codecs. I was never disappointed with the processing abilities of the RX-V665. There were a few small annoyances, like the volume control and the lack of some connections on the back panel. The amplifier section was more than adequate for most listening situations.

I would not however, recommend this receiver for a system that has either a large room to fill, or larger less efficient speakers to drive, or both. This receiver may also fill an interesting role as a fairly inexpensive pre-amp/processor, since it is equipped with pre-amp outputs for all channels. Overall, I was pleased and generally had no issues replacing my 995 with the 665 on a daily use basis. The RX-V665 is definitely going on my list of recommended receivers for people asking about an entry-level system. With a set of efficient speakers and a medium to small room, the 665 will not disappoint.