Yamaha R-S700 Stereo Receiver


Setup of the Yamaha R-S700 Stereo Receiver

Setup was a snap. I connected my Paradigm Titan bookshelf speakers, connected my Sony DVP-S7700 DVD player (which serves as my CD player now) via analog interconnects, connected a decent rabbit-ears antenna I use for FM radio, and I was off and running (or rather sitting and listening.) I do not have an iPod nor a SIRIUS account, nor any vinyl or turntable, so I had nothing else to connect. Well, I suppose I could have connected my old Sony cassette deck, but that's hardly reference quality material!

I do not have bi-wire-able speakers, but it's worth noting that the R-S700 is bi-wire ready. In this case, it uses both sets of internal amplifiers (Speakers A & B) for one pair of bi-wired speakers. This implies a true bi-wired scenario, where separate discrete amplifiers are used for the tweeter/mid-range and woofer section of your bi-wire-able speakers. In theory this is a great design for such an affordable receiver. I was unable to test it out though. Note that if you do use this bi-wiring feature, it is important to select the proper impedance (high or low) setting for the receiver. The high setting allows bi-wiring speakers with 6 Ohm impedance or higher, while the low setting allows bi-wiring of speakers rated 4 Ohms and higher. Similarly, the high/low impedance switch needs to be properly set for standard wiring too.

The R-S700 also includes a subwoofer output. The manual does not specify, but I suspect that this output is a full range output. There is no bass management of any kind, so if you do choose to use a sub, it would need a built-in, adjustable low-pass filter. A high-pass filter for the main speakers would be nice too, but less necessary since you could simply adjust the sub's LPF to the pick up where your speakers naturally roll off.

Finally, the R-S700 includes a power management feature that needs to be setup or deactivated. This is basically a sleep timer with three options: 4, 8, and 12 hours. If power management is turned on, the receiver will power down if inactive for the selected period of time.