Onkyo TX-SR706 7.1 A/V Receiver


The Onkyo TX-SR706 7.1 A/V Receiver Remote Control

I really like the design of this Onkyo remote, which is both programmable and learning capable. I found the remote very usable, with a good compromise between complexity and simplicity. The input selection buttons light up, which is useful, but I would have preferred a more extensive use of lighting on the remote. My biggest complaint on the remote has to do with sound field selection. There are four buttons used for sound field selection, "movies", "music", "game" and "THX" and one simply keeps pressing the button to cycle through the various sound field options. While I like the idea of grouping sound fields by type, it makes getting to "stereo" or "Pure Audio" difficult as they are buried in the various music options. I would like to see a second row of four buttons for "Dolby", "DTS", "Stereo" and "Pure Audio". I would also like to see these buttons set as punch throughs so that they could be accessed regardless of the remote’s device mode. Finally, the remote has a gloss black finish that dresses it up nicely.

Onkyo TX-SR706 Receiver