Power Amplifiers

Bryston 3B SST2 Stereo 150 Watt per Channel Power Amplifier



The 3B is a solid state Class AB push-pull amplifier with four gain stages. Although it has balanced inputs, the gain stages are single-ended, unlike the 14B, which is fully balanced.

The amplifier has a modular design, with each amplifier having its own power supply transformer and 30,000 µF of power supply capacitance. It comes in two sizes, one for rack mounting, and the other to sit in a prominent position where your friends can admire it suitably. The brushed aluminum front panel is among the most beautiful out there in amplifier land.

Two tiny LEDs on the front panel belie the raw power that they state has been turned on and ready for use.

The rear panel has XLR and RCA input jacks, with switches to select which one you want to use, a gain switch to adjust the sensitivity in case your preamplifier has such a high output that you are only turning the volume control a few notches to get the volume you like. The five-way speaker binding posts are sturdy. The AC power cord is detachable for those of you who like shinier varieties of connections to the wall outlet.


The main power on/off switch is also on the rear. The front panel Bryston logo is the standby/on button. Depress it, and the LEDs turn bright green.