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Harman Kardon HK 990 Stereo Integrated Amplifier with Digital Room Correction and Dual Subwoofer Bass Management – Part I


Introduction to the HK 990 – A Truly Unique Stereo Component

The HK 990 is a truly unique stereo component. It is a dual domain device capable of accepting analog or digital inputs, converting domains as required, and sending the results to the speaker. A complex room-correction system in a stereo integrated amplifier separates the HK 990 even further from comparables. For those who archive vinyl or magnetic tape to CD-R, the dual domain nature of the HK 990 tape record function provides unique functionality.


    • Design: Solid State Stereo Integrated Amplifier
    • Power: 2 x 150 watts RMS into 8 ohms @ 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 2 x 300 Watts into 4 Ohms
    • MFR: 10 Hz – 100 kHz
    • THD: <0.07% at Full Output (8 Ohm Load)
    • Analog Inputs: 7, Plus 1 Phono MC, 1 Phono MM, and 1 Balanced XLR
    • Digital Inputs: 1 HRS-Link, 2 Optical Digital, 2 Coaxial Digital
    • Analog Input Sensitivity/Impedance: 350mV/43k ohms for tuner/CD, 10mV/47k ohms for Phono-MM, 1mV/100k ohms for Phono-MC
    • Digital Input Capability: All Standard Digital Formats
    • Dimensions: 6.4" H x 17.3" W x 17.5" D
    • Weight: 43.2 Pounds
    • MSRP: $2,599 USA
    • Harman Kardon
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This review is independent of Tyler Stripko's review published in June, 2011, where Tyler comments on a different sample. This review concentrates on measurements and internal design of the HK 990 and fits nicely together. Tyler covers the listening impressions.

Part II and Part III of the current review have also been published.