Bookshelf Speakers

PSB Imagine mini-Monitors


Setup of the PSB Imagine mini-Monitors

Having said all that, most of my critical listening of the Mini was without the sub on. Frankly I wanted to hear the Mini on its own merits and I achieved pretty good bass response by experimenting with proper placement. Ultimately I had them about 7 ft apart and was placed on a continuous shelf about 30 inches high and about 12 inches from the back wall. I sat back about 9 ft.

Most of the time I had the Mini's powered by my A-21 Parasound amplifier and Parasound P-3 preamplifier with my Marantz SACD and turntable. Towards the end however, on hand for review were the Onkyo Reference M-5000R amplifier, the P-3000R preamplifier and the C-7000R CD player. Overkill? I think not!