Bookshelf Speakers

Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference Strada Speakers and TR3 Subwoofer



As I have said in previous reviews, I only upgrade when I'm presented with equipment that is clearly superior to what I have AND is affordable, at least to me. The Strada/TR-3 system meets every one of these requirements. The only reason I have not already bought them is that I want to hear the new Reference 3.5 first. Given that speaker has an MSRP of $5995 a pair, I might still end up with the Stradas. They are truly excellent loudspeakers, and clearly better than my Reference 3.1s, clearly making them an excellent bargain at their $3400 system price. If you have a lower power amplifier, I would just get the Stradas now. Their powered bass is likely to make them a better (and less expensive) bet than the full range Reference 3.5s. And if the 3.5s are out of your price range, also, go directly to your local Gallo dealer and listen to the Stradas immediately. I have a feeling that you'll agree that they clearly outperform speakers costing several times more. Like the Reference 3.1s, the Gallo Stradas can offer world-class reference level performance to most every audiophile, and do it in a normal person's room. They only do it better than the Reference 3.1.