Best of Awards

Secrets Best of 2010 Awards


Best Product Awards for 2010

The SECRETS Editorial Team is pleased to announce the Best of 2010 Awards. This year we have added some new categories for Media, so look for our awards in the Blu-ray, CD and Vinyl Recordings. And we have established a new award (it is so "Bad", you will have to go to the second page to see it). The Editorial Team also wants to highlight the technologies that we will be paying attention to in 2011, so look for the "Technologies on the Rise Awards".

Congratulations to all of our 2010 WINNERS!!

Two-Channel Speakers Bookshelf Speakers
Surround Sound 5.1 Speaker System Surround Sound Speakers
Compact Speakers Best Value 5.1 Speaker System
Mid-Price AV Receiver Best Value Receiver
Tube Preamplifier  High-End Power Amplifier
High-End Integrated Amplifier Integrated Tube Amplifier
Mid-Price Power Amplifier Best Value Multi-Channel Power Amplifier
Best New Cable Company Headphone Amplifier
DAC Calibration Software
Wireless Music Streamer USB Digital Audio Accessory
Universal Player Best Value Blu-ray Player
High-End SACD Player Best Value SACD Player
High-End Subwoofer Compact Subwoofer
Mid-Price Subwoofer Projector
Surround Sound Processor