A Collection of New Vinyl for the Audiophile – June, 2013

Big Jack White was ambassador for this year's Record Store Day.  I don't know what that means except that he had a video of some sort that I never watched on the official RSD website.  I think the word's pretty much out about this guy by now.  He likes analog.  In fact, there's a note in the Elephant liners explaining that "No computers were used during the writing, recording, mixing or mastering of this record."  And Elephant is why we're here.  The White Stripes classic was reissued for RSD on double vinyl.  Double crazy super vinyl, that is.  I'll try my best to explain...


Audio Desk System Automated Vinyl (LP) Cleaner

For all of these years that I've been extolling the virtues of analog (LP a.k.a., vinyl) playback I've known that it just isn't really practical for most people. Even less practical, is the necessity to clean your LPs once in a while to keep those pops and ticks out of the music. Several companies make devices that clean your LPs. The Audio Desk System Automated Vinyl Cleaner is one of them, and we review it here.