I am working on a complete review of the REVEL PerformaBe F226Be Floor-Standing Loudspeakers.

The F226Be’s are the smallest of three floor-standing speakers in the PerformaBe line. This product line is second only to the ULTIMA2 series. The PerformaBe series speakers are characterized by their Beryllium dome tweeters and sandwich construction midrange and bass driver cones. The cabinets are extremely sturdy with better than automotive grade finishes.

REVEL PerformaBe F226Be Floor-Standing Loudspeakers Preview

My upcoming review will discuss all specifics of the design and performance of these incredible speakers. This complete analysis will be accompanied by a full suite of bench tests.

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Check out the below video for a short primer on REVEL

Also, read Carlo Lo Raso’s review of the largest PerformaBe floor-standing speakers here –

Revel PerformaBe F328Be Floor Standing Loudspeaker and C426be Center Channel Speaker Review

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The F226Be’s are much more compact and affordable ($7,000/pr. vs. $16,00/pr.) when compared to their larger siblings but they still deliver most of the charm but with slightly less bass extension. They may prove to be a perfect match for your needs!