Revel Performa M126Be Bookshelf Speaker Review

The Performa M126Be loudspeakers are part of Revel’s popular Performa series. The Revel Performa M126Be speakers are bookshelf-sized and are intended to be stand-mounted. Although the speakers can serve as side or rear surrounds, their price and performance make it unlikely that too many will be used for that purpose. These are superior speakers for smaller rooms where articulation, detail, and imaging are the main goals.

Revel Concerta2 F36 Speaker Preview

Revel, part of the Harman group, has recently updated their entry level Concerta speaker line. I have owned the L/C/R and surrounds from the Concerta line for the last eight years, so I know how good they sound. Do the F36s bring more to the table than my tried-and-true F12s? Let’s see what’s changed. Physically, there are a few obvious differences. The F36s are about two inches taller, the sides are now curved, the drivers are newly...

Revel PERFORMA3 M106 2-Way Bookshelf Monitor Loudspeaker Review – Part Three

Revel PERFORMA3 M106 2-Way Bookshelf Monitor Loudspeaker Review – Part Three

A mini-monitor is an ideal solution for a small room. I look at placement issues in depth. As in the large room excellent performance requires a speaker with optimal ANSI/CEA-2034 curve sets. I show the Revel M106 achieves the same performance, matching in-room response curve of the large room. This is a result of it excellent measured performance in the ANSI/CEA-2034 curve set. Lower frequency room modes extend in-room low end...

Revel Performa3 Series 5.1 Speaker System Review

The Revel Performa3 Series speakers offer a terrific blend of performance, quality, and value. In this review, I used the Performa3 Series speakers in a 5.1 configuration. The review system was comprised of a pair of Performa3 F206 floorstanding speakers, a pair of Performa3 M105 bookshelf speakers, a Performa3 C205 center-channel speaker, and a Performa3 B110 subwoofer. The speakers themselves are absolutely gorgeous, with a beautiful lacquered finish, pleasing lines, and modest physical sizes that should fit into most listening rooms.

Revel F208 Floor-standing Speakers Review

From Revel's Performa3 line of speakers, the F208 full-range 3-way loudspeaker is brilliantly executed. From the rock solid cabinet to its beautiful, automotive quality finish, the F208 is one of the best buys in the oversaturated speaker market. These speakers have wonderful neutral tonal balance, a 3 dimensional soundstage and a top-notch low end. Hands down one of the finest speakers we have come across in its price range.

Revel Performa 3 M105 Bookshelf Speakers

Revel has just released the third generation of their Performa speaker line. Dubbed the Performa3's, the new lineup offers nine models – two tower speakers, two bookshelf speakers, two center speakers, two subs and one surround. Revel touts the Performa3's as having an "Ultima2 Heritage at attainable prices". The Performa3's are all-new designs with all-new drivers. The M105's reviewed here are the smaller of the two bookshelf speaker models. They have a 5-1/4" ribbed aluminum mid/woofer and a 1" aluminum dome tweeter that was designed by the Untima2 team. These tweeters are mounted in a new waveguide that lends the speakers a sexy silhouette and a very smooth in-room response. Who could argue with that? As if this weren't enough, Revel decided to price the Performa3's on a very competitive level which makes these speakers a major value-for-money opportunity.