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Delivering Reliability, Refinement, and Unequaled Value Since 1981. Here at Parasound we make audio and home theater components for people who care more about music and movies than the equipment reproducing them. While we take great pride in our products, we realize that what really matters is their ability to recreate the original experience; to present music and movies with all the subtle details, nuances and impact only a high-performance system can reveal.

It’s our mission to bring this sublime experience into the homes of those who appreciate quality and know value. We combine reliability, high performance, and innovative design to create the products that we would want to own ourselves, and then back them with the security of Parasound’s 10-year limited warranty.

All of our products adhere to stringent philosophy: make them sound better than components selling at far higher prices. Whether you’re looking for a high end audiophile music system, multi-channel home theater equipment on the cutting edge of design and function, or whole-home speakers and components, we believe you’ve come to the right place.

Obsession with high quality sound reproduction has been the guiding force behind Parasound for over 20 years, and the results of this are evident in our products. We create components that sound and perform better than competitive products. You can spend more money on higher priced audio equipment if you like, but we’re willing to bet ours will sound at least as good, and probably better.

That’s Parasound Value. Ask anyone who knows audio.