Focal Naim America (Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023): November 9-30

Focal Naim America Black Friday Promotion Digital Banner with Focal Naim America logo displayed at top, particular details about certain products on sale below the Focal Naim America logo, and at the bottom is a small black present with a red ribbon tied on top of the present

20%* off on all home products, including:

* Focal Theva, Vestia, Kanta speakers
* All Focal Headphones^

* ^10% off Focal Bathys – $629 sale price

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* Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation
* Naim Uniti line

*The promotion is valid on all home products, except Focal Utopia, Sopra and Aria speakers, Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation, Statement and Naim 200-300-500 Series.

Here are a couple dealer links:

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* Focal (
* Naim (


* Focal Home Speakers (|Focal)
* Focal Headphones (|Focal)
* Naim (